Tomoyo Daidouji

Here is the in depth section to Tomoyo. Read the facts about our lovely songstress while also delving deeper with essays based on opinion and supporting facts. Also learn about the relationships she has with others, namely Sakura Kinomoto, and her superb fashion sense.

  •   Artist; about the songstress and her role in the series
  •   Reflection; an in-depth look at our dark-haired beauty
  •   Profile; basic statistics
  •   The Song; Tomoyo's connection with the Clow Card
  •   The Voice; Tomoyo's connection with the Clow Card
  •   Loving; her bond and connection with Sakura Kinomoto
  •   Relationships; Tomoyo's interactions with others
  •   Appearance; all about her looks
  •   Seiyuu; the magical voice